Dutch Design Week

Oct 21 Oct 29
During Dutch Design Week 2017 WdKA and partners organise a series of events, you are cordially invited to visit all of them!

Presenting Pioneers at Dutch Design Week

Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven
Vonderweg 1

We proudly present the outstanding performances of the recent year's most promising graduates, as an illustration of what being a 'creating pioneer' is about. Our exhibition focuses on current and, even more so, on future issues and expands the view on design as we know it. Come and visit us at the Dutch Design Week from October 21 -29.

More information about the exhibition and participants. 

Beyond Social #3, Provoking Change

27 October
18:30 Publications Launch
19.00 start programme Provoking Change #3

Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven
Vonderweg 1

A Beyond Social event on social art and design with book launches, workshop, lectures and discussions on "Reclaiming Privacy by Design"

Book Launches
The evening will start with a celebratory launch of three publications, which are a part of the Hybrid Publishing Research Awards series. Living Light (nominated for a Dutch Design Award 2017 - Service & Systems), a publication by Ermi van Oers, envisions a world where plants take part in our energy system. Meat Market by Daisy Thijssen examines how we consume meat, the taboos surrounding it and possible alternatives. In Crangon Crangon, Jade Ruijzenaars delves into the chemistry and biology of shrimp shells and the valuable substances that can be extracted from them. To give insight into each project, the launch will be accompanied by a short conversation between the authors and Florian Cramer, who is Reader in 21st Century Visual Culture at Research Center Creating 010 at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Provoking Change #3: Reclaiming Privacy by Design
Ever since kings and landowners have started to tax their citizens, people were giving away their personal data. As technology improved, so did the ways for not only governments but also for corporations to gather data about people. Now, even individuals possess the power to completely steal other people’s identities. How much private information are we willing to give away for a discount on a product or for a promise of being protected against terrorism? How are these systems affecting your life? What’s the price of your privacy? How can designers, artists and hackers subvert these systems through design?

Experts in the field of data and design - Iohanna Nicenboim, David van Leeuwen en Gaspard Bos - will shed light on the matter and actively discuss their propositions with you. Iris Schutten will present Beyond Social, a platform for research on social design. Also, tonight you will find out how much privacy you actually have left in a hands-on way: bring your laptop or smartphone!


Shaping Light

21-29 October, 10:00-18:00 hrs

As a part of:
Design Perron
Fuutlaan 12 Exhibition space 01

Shaping Light shows the work of the 3rd year Product Design students of Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Kendix. The company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality curtain fabrics. Kendix has challenged the students to be astonished by the impact of natural light and to think outside the box. In this exhibition, the students will give insight into their process. With their experiments they show how to respond to and interact with natural light throughout the day and night. They have developed a variety of filters to use, manipulate and imitate natural light. This provides a new perspective on product design.

Manifestations, Will the Future Design Us?

21 - 29 October

Veemgebouw Floor 8+9
Torenallee 100

Manifestations 2017 presents the future in the largest Art & Tech event of the Dutch Design Week. More than 4500 m2 will be filled with a diverse mix of innovative art and technology. Over a hundred artists show their work and ask: Will the future design us?

The participants ask important questions about the ever-growing influence of technology in our daily lives. How do our bodies fit in with technological developments? How do we experience that influence, and can we control it? And above all: Can technology be friendly and kind, can it contribute and connect us in a meaningful way?

Last year Manifestations won the title Best of DDW 2016. This year it will show even more playful, challenging and inviting art and technology. Everyone, young or old, is invited to discover and play; the future is for everybody. Explore brain controlled robots, clothing with goose bumps, an electronic doctor for in your own home, smell-therapy, robot-caterpillars, fantasy-organs, interactive tattoos, boring parties for rich kids, useless super powers, virtual reality and much more.

Ten WdKA graduates will show their work during Manifestations/Dutch Design Week:

Arthur Boer, Boris Smeenk, Iiris Sointu, Yvette de Wit, Folkert Koelewijn, Jochem van Schip, Myrna Out, Fay Klaassen, Veerle Kluijfhout, Tim Demper.

With: Sensoree, Marina Toeters, Sander Veenhof, Pinar Yoldas, Baron Lanteigne, Agi Haines, Sensoree, Juul Koene, Channin, more..Manifestations is a collaboration between Art & Technology (ViolaVirus), MADlab, Hyperspace Collective and other partners.

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