Master Media Design, Lens-Based



This event is a part of the Graduation Show 2018 programme

 Piet Zwart Master Media Design Lens-Based Media is a course committed to contemporary visual culture: in particular lens-based image making as an art and craft with distinct and formative histories that cross-cultural arenas often seen as distinct. The core intention of the department is to create makers who have developed a strong subjective vision that they can express effectively through the material practice of image-making.

The work of the artists in this show  — Anna-Lena Lystad, Maria Catalina Giraldo Pastrana, Sigrún Lýðsdóttir, Fabian Landewee, Irma Oldenburg, Ryan Cherewaty, and Qian Hao - ranges from a classic documentary, through photographic portraiture and installation work, to fully immersive moving image installations, and data-visualisation of complex scientific research.

In each case, the match of technology, visual language, and creative vision exemplifies the ability to harness a wide range of thematics and technologies, and subordinate them to a strong subjective voice that is the mark of a mature artistic vision. The artists showcased in this Graduation Show are diverse, but each brings an original and distinctive voice to the area of lens-based media they have chosen to work within.

Side events:

Friday 06.07 15:00 - 21:00

Diploma ceremony Master Media Lens-Based and Experimental Publishing & Lens-Based Graduation Show screenings
KINO, Gouvernestraat 129-133, 3014 PM Rotterdam
Graduation Show screenings with a short programme of the first years' screenings 18:00 - 21:00