Master Media Design: Lens-Based

The Encoding of Reality

Ryan Cherewaty
Major Master Media Design: Lens-Based
Year Graduation Project

This non-human being is attempting to understand the relevance of the human condition through magick ritual, performance and remnants of emotional bondage...

Lake of Fire, still

The development of technological tools has evolved to extend the sensory capabilities of our nervous systems with the drive to glean meaning and significance from the world we inhabit. These tools have become the central interface in the digitally enabled world for the coding and decoding of symbols into culture. Cybernetic technology operating in synchrony with our nervous systems is the alternative life for a disoriented humanity, electronics inevitably stretching the human nervous system reshapes the manner in which we occupy environment.1

This affects how we interact with the world and changes our perception of reality. While technology acts as a prosthesis of our bodies it simultaneously dislocates and renders obsolete the relationship we have with our bodies, distancing the coherence between the body and mind.

All biological and evolving systems consist of complex cybernetic networks, and all such systems share certain formal characteristics. Each of these has subnetworks of circuits that mitigate input to the system, and through negative feedback provide stability and adaptation. Mind, society and environment have been determined as the three central interacting ecologies.2 As digital network culture permeates throughout society, it is clear that a fourth ecology of machinic technology has appeared.3

Lake of Fire, still

The friction between these ecologies is the cause of dislocation from corporeality, causing a critical rupture in the link between body and mind. An opening for the consideration of non-human consciousness.

My speculative fiction investigates these relationships through a multiplicity of selves that represent an artificial consciousness. This non-human being is attempting to understand the relevance of the human condition through magick ritual, performance and remnants of emotional bondage that float throughout the data clouds that it has access to in the physical fragments that remain of the post-human condition. This being ultimately questions whether our consciousness can mesh with the machinic and the relationships within this new ecology.

Lake of Fire. Caught between sleep and dream state, conscious and unconscious, alive and non-alive, human and non-human... how are these lines delineated, and by whom?

1 Downey, J. (1971). Technology and Beyond. Radical Software. Vol 2 (Nr 5)
2 Guattari, F. (1989). The Three Ecologies. London: The Athlone Press
3 Miyazke, S. (2018) Algorithmic Horizon. In: Migrant Journal: Wired Capital (Nr 2)

Full thesis Encoding Reality Through Techno-Magic

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