Fashion Design

Zielsveel (With All My Heart)

Manouk Coenders
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Fashion Design
Year Fourth Year

‘Zielsveel’ is a project about the relations within the process of organ donation. When my grandfather had to remove one kidney, I felt directly involved with this medical procedure. I have noticed that a lot of people are not keen on talking about organ donation. Since it’s a subject that a lot of people have an opinion about, sometimes the core values get lost. At first, my research was about what organ donation actually is. I have discovered that the procedure is a really long path with a lot of precision involved. While reading all the medical documents full of facts, I did miss emotion and humanity. To explore the human side of organ donation, I have interviewed people who have been or still were directly involved with this subject. During all the interviews the emotion got the upper hand, then I knew that the emotion within the organ donation process was something I would like to investigate.

The organ donation process is all about giving, passing on and receiving. This creates a certain relationship between the donor, doctor and receiver. As a viewer, you will participate in creating of these relationships and connections, and by doing so you will become more aware of organ donation, which is in a way still a hidden subject. The interaction will create considerations, physical and mental contacts but above all, an experience. Experiencing it together will create a dialogue about organ donation. After the experience people will realise that taking part in a relationship is about giving, passing and receiving.

'Zielsveel' is a project about the process of organ donation. Special thanks to: Orville Schenkers, Luca Turenhout, Axelle Dorego, Sanjeevani Hendriks & Darryl Schenkers