Fashion Design


Corlieske Visser
This project is a textile installation that allows you to hear, see and feel the emotion and the unique language of a Tourette patient. A visual immersion of sounds and vibrations make you wonder what it’s like to have a Tourette, and questions our definition of 'normal'.
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Public and Private
Major Fashion Design
Year Fourth Year

Third BA Research Award 2017

Jury Research Award:

"Corlieske’s research is of high quality in general, but especially successful from an artistic perspective. Aside from the socially oriented research question, the aesthetic dimensions of the research are very well thought-through."

Vertaalslag (Translation, Conversion)

A unique spoken language - for many people - Gilles de la Tourette is an unknown syndrome or even a syndrome known as crazy or antisocial. To my father, who has the syndrome, it is a language. Vertaalslag explores this language, essential to some and a mystery to others. A series of nine prints show translations within this language, its unique way of speaking and its beauty. The prints are based on different triggers (high pitched noise, mimicking, profanity) that spark this language, combined with the frequencies the voice reaches while speaking it. Scanning these prints with the Layar App allows the viewer to hear this language for themselves. Next to the prints, a short documentary shows my father explaining more about this syndrome and the need to create a new language for the outside world. My father’s language is not like other languages, because it is not created to communicate. Instead, with his language, he conceals.