Product Design

Translations From the OCD - Language

Sanne de Wit
Practice Social Practices
Project Sustainability
Major Product Design
Year Fourth Year

Nominee Drempelprijs Social Practices 2019

Dwing Dwang Gedwongen
(Compulse Compulsory Compulsed)

I grew up in an environment where obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) played a major role. For my own misunderstanding, I started a search to understand OCD. In my research, I focused on abnormal OCD. Specifically, this refers to people who constantly have compulsive thoughts.

I visualise products in the way that someone with OCD visualises the products. It is a co-creation in which they have told me their deepest thoughts and I convert those thoughts into something tangible. By means of audio clips, I take the viewer into the obsession. I am the translator of their stories.