Product Design

The Light Conductors

Fleur Peters
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Product Design
Year Fourth Year

Second Bachelor Research Award

Jury Research Award 2020: "The second award ( a prize of 1000 Euro) goes to Fleur Peters (Product Design - Commercial Practices) for her project The Light Conductors. Particularly her thesis is outstanding in its rigour and execution, showcasing thorough research into materials, artistic tradition and location."

What is product design exactly?

As a product designer, I see light and colour as the most important aspects of my work, this turned into my fascination for glass. With this fascination, I research the relation between craft and contemporary design. I think it is important to appreciate traditional crafts and make sure that knowledge stays preserved and developed, by combining traditional crafts with modern industrial techniques.

‘’The Light Conductors’’ is material-based research about light, colour and glass. I used this graduation project as a stepping stone for my career as a product designer. With ‘’The Light Conductors’’ I created my own material library, which I can use for next couple of years as a starting point for new designs.

But what is product design exactly? With my ‘‘Conductors’’, I explore the boundaries between product and public space which resulted in a pavilion for Rotterdam Central Station. The sun's position and intensity changes throughout the day and so are the ‘‘Conductors.’’ I use the sun as a source for creating moments of wonder and wellbeing. I enhance the effects of the sun, to show something that is not always noticed but, nonetheless, keeps bringing us moments of joy.

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