A Study on Road Signs

Jasper van Doorn
What does inspiration mean to the new generation of designers that has a focus on the online world that’s curated by algorithms?
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Public and Private
Major Illustration
Year Fourth Year

Driven by the urge to spend less time on the internet, Jasper began observing his immediate surroundings. He got inspired by the intense colours and graphic shapes of road signs.

By deconstructing the visual language of the road signs and using the original material, he replaces the functional context for an aesthetic context. Jasper reveals the beauty of the ordinary things in the offline world and shows the value of a source of inspiration that we are likely to forget.


Thanks to the collaboration with 3M, these panels are covered with the original retroreflective foil, recognizable from road signs. This made the study grow into an interactive installation; by making a photo with flash the reflection becomes visible.