Transformation Design

Rotterdam Resilient Community Game

Moniek Arends & Soyeon Ahn
Major Transformation Design
Year Second Year

Our assignment was to create an urban intervention to let people think about Rotterdam as a resilient city.

We chose to focus on social cohesion, and on singles in particular. We found out that the amount of singles is growing, and this group will keep on becoming bigger. It is a good thing, because the singles are more social and more involved in the community. Nevertheless, there is this negative stigma around singles. Being single is seen as something temporary most of the time, as the time you have to 'survive'.

We wanted to create a community for the singles, to bond, but we did not want to exclude couples. We have created a community called Rotterdam Resilient Community to inspire people get involved in the society.  To test if people would fit in this community, we came up with Resilient Game. This game has also helped us to test if our research was right (the questions in this game are based on singles- and non-singles lives) and that the community would have a relatively big amount of single members.

Moniek: I'm trying to spread the importance of a conscious lifestyle trough my designs. You can find me on instagram.

Soyeon: My main interest and focus is interaction with different culture, communities and people. I'd like to show various interactions' meanings with my own design in the future. My instagram.