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Rotterdam Leeft

Madelief de Kock
Rotterdam Lives
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Public & Private
Major lifestyle Transformation Design
Year Third Year

Assignment: Conduct a research on a political party of Rotterdam, come to a statement or concept, visualise this in a video (including a self-performance).

Still from the video

I chose to do research on Leefbaar Rotterdam, which is a political party that encourages the love for hard work. To me, this point of view is very fitting to the attitude that Rotterdammers are known for,  they honour hard work. Putting my own opinions on the topic aside, I made a video celebrating their point of view. I topped it off with some animations, that was a matter of a quick self-teaching. As, by the way, was the video making, editing and performing. That’s why I enjoyed this project so much, I learned a whole lot, while having fun.

Still from the video

If you would like to know more about this, or other projects I work on, you are welcome to visit my website.


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