Fashion Design

Queer Queer Queer

Berend Brus
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Hacking
Major Fashion Design
Year 2018

Berend Brus is 2018 Lichting nominee

Lichting 2018: "Berend Brus’ graduation project, collection Queer, is a celebration of the queer, the LGBT+, community. This is a community of subcultures, which are in some ways disconnected from each other. Berend’s goal is to gather all the beautiful people and connect their cultures by honouring their individuality and uniqueness. To cherish their differences instead of seeing these as a divider. By mixing these subcultures, he is crossing the dividing lines of expectations within these groups. The collection is mostly made with the same denim, to show we are all cut out of the same cloth, with special variations. This philosophy is translated into this collection. In the end, gay, straight, bi or the plus in LGBT+, there is one thing that connects us all: LOVE!"

Long live individualism, celebrate each other's differences!

I wanted my debut into the fashion world to be something strong and close to my heart. This collection started as a counter to homo- and transphobia but after a while, I had realized I don’t want to give assholes a platform, I want to celebrate the beauty and individuality in the queer community.
Within this group, there are a lot of different opinions and subcultures. My goal was to use these different cultures to create one new community that celebrates people who ‘aren’t like them’. I hope this collection changes something in our collective mindsets when it comes to sexuality and gender, but in a broader sense, change our mind about how we think and talk about people outside our inner circle.
Photography: Studio Julius Thissen
Photography: Studio Julius Thissen

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