Positioning in the Chain of Creation

Thomas Meijerman
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Hacking
Major Photography
Year Fourth Year

As an artist, I have always admired and appreciated the formation process of a landscape. The dynamics of the landscape are strongly affected by the organisms that inhabit it and the elements that shape it. The structures of a landscape are created through a multitude of factors. In my opinion, this dynamic is the main reason why a landscape is an embodiment of a perfect creation. As an artist, I am striving to create something as sublime as a landscape.

In this project, I research my position in relation to the landscape and try to figure out what I can contribute. How does my ability to create compares to the abilities of nature? What kind of positive influence and value can I provide as a human being?

To exercise this influence and to create the essential dynamic, I needed to use the same organisms and elements that one finds in nature. Through experiments with capturing landscapes through photography and drawing, I have gained a better understanding of the specifics of the factors necessary to create a landscape.

What kind of positive influence and value can I provide as a human being?

Based on these findings I started to create my own landscapes. To construct, I was required to work together with nature. Within these landscapes, I have mainly experimented with the power of plants, animals, water, and human beings. Working with nature in this sense has made me question my position in the chain of creation. Only through a partnership with nature itself, would I be able to achieve to gain a higher position within this chain.

As I shaped my self-made landscapes, the landscapes also shaped my vision. My perception evolved similarly to the evolution process of existing landscapes. One thing I’ve learned is to see the beauty, importance and influence of small beings instead of only bigger factors and gave them refuge in my own landscape. The landscape I created is a symbiosis of natural and cultural elements that are carefully selected and combined.

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