Alice Evans, Jennifer Harteveld, Nikki van den Broek, Odile Sips
Practice Social Practices
Project Sustainability
Major Interdisciplinary
Year Third Year


"In this project, you will explore the analytical methods and work processes specific to various ‘sustainable design strategies’. You will be analysing, developing ideas and working on two given case stories: the waste flows of the Afrikaander market, and the water flows of the Afrikaanderwijk and Gemaal op Zuid. In this semester you will delve into systems analysis and concepts such as the circular city and will develop step-by-step a usable product, environment, service, work, production or piece of art focused on achieving sustainable, systemic change related to your case study. You will do this using a design strategy."

Project description:

Poeier! Locally produced sustainable powders with recipes and cultural background stories that you can add to dishes like pasta, sauce, soup, pastry, drinks etc. Poeier is produced from discarded fruits and vegetables of the market in the Afrikaanderwijk, inspired by multi-cultural flavours of the area's inhabitants with different cultural backgrounds. Consumers can collect all the recipes we attach to the product and use them over and over again. The packaging is produced from waste paper, in combination with organic leafy leftovers of the market. We offer a sustainable product of  cooperation, cultures' blending and the use of waste streams of the Afrikaander market in Rotterdam.

Poeier is created by an interdisciplinary group of the third year students:

"We are Alice, Jennifer, Odile and Nikki. We met in Sustainability class and we noticed that our vision on sustainable design was very similar, so we decided to join forces. Our team consists of two Product Designers, one Graphic Designer and one Illustrator. By bundling our different skills we were able to create a complete product. We are all interested in sustainable design and we love to work with leftover materials. This time food caught our attention, so we started experimenting with discarded fruit and vegetables of the market. From now on you can call us part time food designers :)."

Jennifer Harteveld, Graphic Design (website)

Nikki van den Broek, Product Design (website)

Odile Sips, Illustration (website)

Alice Evans, Product Design, exchange student from Birmingham, GB (website, Instagram)