Fashion Design


Hilde Strijdveen
Earth matters
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Fashion Design
Year Fourth Year

Nomination: Bachelor Research & Hybrid Publishing Award 2018



Transform your way of thinking

My work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy ‘Ikigai’, which challenges you to not look logically at a problem, but laterally. In other words, transform your way of thinking.

The Dutch fashion industry wastes 21.5 million pieces of clothing each year, of which only 3% is recycled. The concept of recycling is not new in this day and age but shockingly it has not yet been adopted in fashion. In this project, I have used creativity and new insights to recognise this issue and provide attractive solutions to encourage adoption of reuse in this industry.

Colour, large forms and overwhelming landscapes form the base of an image that creates positive emotion between people and nature and exemplifies the commitment and unity between the two. With a certain grandeur, my characters move – based on masters of different cultures – through the landscape.

Characters are strengthened with protective robes that consist of individual elements. The clothes are expressive yet act as camouflage to meld with the landscape and to express the responsibility humanity has in protecting nature. Within my collection of reused sleeping bags, I created an image of how we can not only nurture people, but also nature as attention to the environment and our people go hand in hand.

Nap, Lookbook

Photography: Sterre Fenna
Models: Osas Aghaku, Iheomy Zezuri, Livai lopu
Makeup artist: Minou Meijers