Lifestyle Transformation Design

Migrant Helps Ageing Population

Nina Law
Practice Social Practices
Project Cultural Diversity
Major Lifestyle Transformation Design
Year Third Year

Vluchteling helpt tegen vergrijzing /Migrant Helps Ageing Population/ is a political film we have created for Lifestyle Transformation Design as an assignment for the political parties of Rotterdam City Council.

The assignment was to make a political film about a subject that was close to your heart and to spread your opinion among your peers. For me that was both the ageing of Dutch population and the issues regarding migrants. I really wanted to make my peers more aware of the fact that ageing and migrants are both severe problems of the future, but that we can convert these problems into a solution.

My solution - I explain it in the video - is that if we help migrants in finding a place in our society, we can help them and their children to rehabilitate and integrate, and as a result counteract ageing by increasing the number of the young people.

Migrant helps ageing population

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