Blurring the Reality and Fiction

Lana Prins
Practice Autonomous practices
Major Photography
Year Third year

Lana Prins (third-year photography student) worked on creating an exhibition during the first semester of this year. Each student exhibited their own project. Lana shares with us a small selection from her photo story titled ‘Ada’. An intimate story built on personal and shared family memories consisting of reality and fiction, and blurring the distinction between the two.

I created a place where my memories could rest.

‘Last summer my mother’s mother suddenly passed away. In three weeks’ time my family and I had to deal with her sudden illness and her loss. Focusing on the life and the loss of my grandmother, I decided to capture my own emotions, memories and fears for the future.

This is how I expressed and formulated the important bond I feel between the women in my family: my grandmother, my mother, my sister and myself. By taking these photos, I created a place where my memories could rest. By capturing and framing specific moments, I created the possibility to influence my memories by changing them into how I prefer them to be.’

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