Transformation Design


Malou Franken
IKEA makes you sweat
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Branding
Major Transformation Design
Year Third Year

About Me

It's the daily problems and taboos that inspire me. Especially humans and health keep fascinating me. I watch, I observe, I sketch, I listen, I make, I learn, I re-invent, I brand, style and photograph.
I am an all-round transformation designer.
I pick up data from the trash to make art. I break taboos like psoriasis, because it shouldn't be seen as disgusting. I create an IKEA sport clothing line, because well.. we all have to watch our weight. I like to make the world a bit more beautiful, but especially more approachable.

50% of the Dutch people is too heavy at the moment. This has a really negative influence on the next economy.

IKEA is one of the biggest shopping chains of the world, it has a big responsibility regarding its products and customers. Using IKEA's philosophy I created a sport products line, called: ‘’IKEA FITå’’. This idea was inspired by the hype around IKEA's well-known Frakta bag, copied by Balenciaga. I recopied Balenciaga to make the look of the sport clothing line even more unique.

IKEA Makes You Sweat