Fashion Design

A Functional & Aesthetic Motorcycle Jacket

Anthony Khedoe
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Fashion Design
Year Fourth Year

I have developed a functional and aesthetic motorcycle jacket, a product that inspired me to look beyond the traditional design approach - with partners who are thriving for the same. For material, leather, I have collaborated with ECCO Leather and used DSM Dyneema. The design is created in collaboration with Rev’It! Motorsports.


Rev’It! had given the access to their laboratory, database and materials to support me in designing and engineering the jacket. The design and patterns are entirely modelled in 3D. This was done with CLO3D on an avatar of exactly my size, posed as a motorcyclist. To improve the fit we have developed a structure that makes leather more stretchable, where it was necessary. Thanks to ECCO Leather I had an opportunity to engineer my own leather that is very light, strong, flexible, reflective and does not get hot in the sun.

I have collaborated with different friends to assemble the jacket - which was partly done with digital fabrication and entirely without stitches -  and to film a promotional video in Andalus,  write music for it, design and make the material for the presentation, develop an embedded system and smart protectors. The last ones are still in their design stadium. Now I have to set up a business plan based on the design philosophy of this project to continue my innovative designer career.

Motorcycle Jacket, video by Andreas Solhøj