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Form Follows Organism

Emma van der Leest
‘Form Follows Organism: The biological computer’ is a book about biodesign and the shifting role of the (product) designer.
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Product Design
Year Fourth Year

Biodesign is based on the principles of bio fabrication, an emerging field of regenerative medicine technologies. Biodesign incorporates living organisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, algae or cells) in the design process. By discovering materials and processes that nature has designed but hasn’t patented, we can search for new grown materials that are completely compostable and that minimise the usage of hazardous resources which can cause damage to our ecosystem.

Form Follows Organism

‘Form Follows Organism’ is about the application of design knowledge to consumer products and design methodologies. The research questions investigated are: ‘how can we control the process of growing materials or products?’ and: ‘how can we design new tools and algorithms that unlock the power of living cells?’


Form Follows Organism: The Biological Computer

‘Form Follows Organism: The biological computer’ is a book about biodesign and the shifting role of the (product) designer.
Author: Emma van der Leest and Peter Troxler (introduction)
Form Follows Organism: The biological computer © 2016
Editor: Guus Vreeburg
Coordinator: Michelle Kasprzak and Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Design: Gülşen Emre
Epub Development: Megan Hoogenboom
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For an even more profound experience, you can read a digital version of this publication next to the printed version. It enables a whole new way of navigating by selecting words that occur in both the 'research' and ‘lab journal’ part of the publication. It becomes a non-linear publication with no specific ending. By reading them both you will make new associations and discoveries about the publications you would not have made by choosing one.

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Cover photo: Sofie van Esch