Fifty Ways to Tell a Story

Illustration, First Year Major
Project First Year Major
Major Illustration
Year First Year

The Assignment

One of the first assignments for the first year Illustration students: choose one story and visualize it in fifty ways that are as different as possible.

Bitna Han

The words that I have chosen were: dream, hanging and neglecting. My story is about a Gymnast. He dreamt of being a gold medalist but he made a mistake while performing because of the sweat on his hand. He fell down and the audience was neglecting him and disappointed with him. I have used only two colours, Yellow and Blue. Yellow is showing the word dream, it shows the desire of the character. Blue illustrates negative words: neglecting, disappointing, and anxiety.

The first document(no.3) is about the main story. I visualized the story by 24 images without dialogue. Next one(5) is about the audience who watch the gymnast in a stadium. The last one(12) is a Metaphor, It is called ‘A lion with a fire ring in a circus’. The story is about a lion which is trained to do an acrobatic movement in a circus. It failed to cross the fire ring and the audiences are disappointing and neglecting the lion.

About Bitna: "I decided to study illustration while I was studying another major in London. I have just started my art journey as an illustrator." Follow Bitna on Instagram.

I visualised the story with 24 images without a dialogue.
The audience watches the gymnast in a stadium.
A metaphor story, ‘A lion with a fire ring in a circus’, is about a lion trained to perform an acrobatic movement in circus. It failed to cross the fire ring and the audience is disappointed.

Anna Boulogne

The words that I chose were: vehicle, bat and fitness club. My story ‘Where the Hell Am I?’ is about a young woman who is driving her car and realises that she is lost. She sees a sign saying that there is a fitness club nearby and decides to go in and ask for directions. When she arrives, the fitness club looks dark and scary. As she walks in, she is attacked by bats who are flying towards her from all corners.

About Anna: "I am 18 years old, Dutch, born in Spain and up in Brussels. I love expressing myself through art and film. I am very excited to see where life takes me as an illustrator." Follow Anna on Instagram.

A 60 panels comic without dialogue, focusing on the details of the story.
The poster I drew with black ink, which is an advertisement for fitness clubs that are exclusively for bats
The first page is my story in the form of a digitally edited collage. I photographed my sister screaming and looking very scared.

Eva Versteeg

My story started with the three words: a wig, fire and running late. The story starts with a young girl, dressed as a princess. She is playing dress up in her room. She looks for her earrings, but can’t find them. She yells at her mom - who is downstairs - and asks her if she knows where earrings are. Her mom tells her they are on the table downstairs. The girl goes downstairs to the table and finds her earrings. But then she sees a lighter next to her earrings. She picks it up and tries to light it. It lights it up but then her hair catches fire and suddenly the whole house burns down.


This was the first time I made comics, and I really enjoyed it. I noticed I am drawn to a more abstract comic, where I can play with lines and shapes. One example is the first illustration where I played with the shape of the stairs the girl takes when she goes downstairs. Then the second one is a bit more realistic. You can already guess the story, but it is still quite abstract. For the last one, I really felt the need to use some colours, which also brings more tension to the story.

About Eva: "Hi my name is Eva! I'm now in the first year of my Illustration major and I am really loving it so far! Next to illustration at the art academy, I also study liberal arts and sciences at EUC (RASL). Follow Eva on Instagram.

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