Fashion Design

Fashion on Brainwaves

Jasna Rokegem
The colour of my dress is changing depending on how I feel.
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Fashion Design
Year Fourth Year

Nominee Drempelprijs 2015

Winner Henry Winkelman Award 2016

Futuristic vision: A new race of human beings in a technological society. We make ourselves conscious of our possibilities in this new technology and aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it. The project is handling our thoughts/feelings and self-reflection. The purpose is to use new technology or wearables to improve ourselves and create an artificial intelligence language.


What we love most about Jasna’s work is how she continues to bridge the gap between technological innovation and wearable future fashion.

Muchaneta Kapfunde, Founding Editor in Chief at

Fashion On Brainwaves exposes the working of the brain and explores how emotions can be translated into clothing item by translating the brainwaves into morphing fashion. A smart-textile piece of clothing becomes a second skin, an extension of cosmetic surgery applied to fashion and self-expression, that leads to a new way of communicating. and a way to investigate the new aesthetics and beauty ideals.

FOB examined the relation between data visualisation of brainwaves and morphing fashion. Social identity theories suggest that identity is something we do, rather than simply something we are. The envisioned outcome are three or more dynamic wearables; more precisely fashion for debate instead solely an expression of our brains and reflecting one’s identity. These silhouettes are autonomous pieces; extension of yourself, that unveils the inner you, patterns of the brain, by morphing.

Fashion on Brainwaves

Models: Vivian Vivié & Vincent van der Velden

Photography: Jasper Van Gheluwe

Hair: Raisa Franco

Make-up: Lieke Wolfs

Designer: Jasna Rokegem

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