Transformation Design

Facing the Distance Created by Society

Merel Klomp
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Branding
Major Transformation Design
Year Third year

Our society, habits, thoughts are lifestyles are continually changing. By magnifying or isolating certain topics, I am able to bring reality closer to the viewer and to tell a (critical) story. Sometimes with just a bit of sarcasm or aesthetics...


The project Payday originated during the Practices Branding, in which I collaborated with students from different disciplines: Rosanne Weerheim (Product Design), Elmar Janse (Graphic Design) and Mick van Elk (Advertising). For this project, we wished to draw attention to working conditions in a number of low-wage countries, by means of a clothing brand and working together with the documentary photographer Jodi Hilton. We used the disturbing images she registered in sweatshops in order to give a human face to the people working in these sweatshops in Bangladesh, Turkey and Ukraine. The clothing labels, the clothes hangers, the price label, the packaging and the portable sweatshop all played a role in reinforcing the message. The story behind this clothing is something that is left to the customer to discover.

Fabu Faded Function Food

With this project, I visualised the significance of food for young people; food seems increasingly to be used as a way of generating an image. Consider for example the growing fad of superfoods, or people taking pictures of their food and drinks in a restaurant. The main function of food is no longer based on nutrition, but rather on its external value. Like showing off with a plasticised bread bag.