Empathy in Public Transport

Natasja Bökkerink & Lauren Raaijmakers
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Critical Studies
Major Interdisciplinary
Year Third Year

Campaign: How Can We Evoke Empathy in Public Transport?

Our campaign uses information media in trams to stir up communal empathy in public transport. Through the language that the tram provides, this campaign unites the two elements of the journey: the literal one - tram's itinerary, and a metaphorical one - of the life's journey. By combining these two elements, the project displays a personal journey that is communicated via the various media in the tram.

To connect with Rotterdam, the confessions are translated in the different languages that are spoken in this city, which creates a bonded community within the city and shows its variety of cultures. All of these elements together - tramlines, stops, confessions and languages - form a bulk of different posters with endless combinations.