Elaine de Kooning Academy

Andrea Ålund & Karoline Cladrowa
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Introduction Minors
Major Interdisciplinary
Year First Year

On March 8th (International Women's Day) a series of posters and flyers have appeared throughout the academy. It looked like the students have organised a guerilla action on the day when we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women as well as take action for accelerating gender parity. The two first year's students behind this project are Andrea Ålund (Graphic Design) and Karoline Cladrowa (Illustration). The project was created during the two weeks Practices/Minors introduction (Autonomous Practices).

Artists' Statement:

Gender (in)equality issue has made its way into the political agenda and is recognised as an issue. Governments and businesses have policies and various action plans to prevent discrimination and promote equality. Still, if we look at EU reports, we come across gender disparity that seems hard to neutralise.


In our project, we want to relate the role of the Academy, both as an employer and educational provider to the fact that men and women are (generally) not equally valued in the workspace. And the implications of that for their students.

The trend of undervaluing women's work is something we find close to heart if we look at the famous couple, Elaine & Willem de Kooning, which is why we chose to devote the campaign to her and her art.