Transformation Design

Cherishing and Killing

Sanne Flore Noordhof
Whereas you may think you need to know everything - here, you don’t have to.
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Hacking
Major Transformation Design
Year Fourth Year

Cherishing and Killing (Koesteren en killen) is a three-part sound-sculpture podcast series, each lasting ninety seconds. You meet a bird, a centipede and a dolphin. The story requires you to open up emotionally and pause your reason.

In addition to a narrative, these podcasts offer a method that supports your quest for intuitive strength. The animal here is a tool, a catalyst that brings you to your emotions.

The animal awakens your awareness. This experience is not about knowing. You don't have to know, just feel. No obligation, but openness.



This podcast series has a video performance as a sequel. How does my body react to these encounters? I meet my fear, my doubt and the constant search for those two in my video performances.


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