Transformation Design

Authoritative by Design

Lisa Reith
Exploring the intricate manners in which offline means of communicating information are finding their way onto the Internet.
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Visual Culture
Major Transformation Design
Year Graduation year

The Internet is not as democratic as we would like to believe. Even though the different platforms provide a multi-dimensional view on the content we wish to receive, it is still mainly created by those who are able to execute the means of power, needed to gain visibility on websites. In the project Authoritative by Design I explore the intricate ways in which offline means of communicating information are finding their way onto the Internet. Specifically, I take the case of news design to explore the tension created by the repurposing of offline design principles in combination with the opportunities presented by the online environment. The project ‘Authoritative by Design’ explains how digital expression by image and text is easily misinterpreted and manipulated.

The Hyperlinked Paper

This paper introduces you to a theory in which I imply that different interfaces have different types of authority over the information that they supply its visitor with. As an experiment I hyperlinked the theory using several social media platforms. This shows the dynamic between different interfaces. The experience of the hyperlink is different with each user. This because a few thing might happen. One, you are not logged in on the social platform and are not able to access the content. Two, you are not very known with the interface and cannot find the next link. Three, your are using apps of the visited social platforms and get stuck in the apps its interface that is different from its webpage version and in so are not able to access the information that contains the next link. Four, the link is removed by the social platform or five, the link is removed because the platform is not in use anymore.


Follow the hyperlinked process in real time.