Transformation Design

Talking About Race

Maud Berden
Practice Social Practices
Project Cultural Diversity
Major Transformation Design
Year Fourth Year

I hope that my study can enable work in the direction of a more just and equal society

How to create a basic level of awareness and knowledge about white privilege for students attending the WdKA? I have initiated this dialogue within the WdKA student community, aiming to create awareness within the white community and empower the white art students to give shape to their identity, being part of a majority in a predominantly white institution talking about race.

I believe talking about race is important because, in the public debate, discrimination and inequality on the basis of race, gender and religion are widespread. I tested if, through a workshop, a tool can be created where a dialogue about white privilege and its influences in art education can be given shape. After encountering resistance, guilt, the uncomfortableness and lack of consciousness in white students' community I saw it as my goal to challenge and expose whiteness, to continuously breach this concept that now feels like a taboo. I hope that my study can enable work in the direction of a more just and equal society, where art students will engage the world not only to beautify it but also to deconstruct its systems of oppression.

I don’t have the answer for the ‘HOW’ yet but I am aware that the journey to see, deconstruct, and potentially transform white culture will be rough. My eyes are now opened and for me, there is no point in standing still - I will present my own journey as a new starting point of the dialogue.