A Mono-dialogue

Oscar Schenk
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Major Third Year
Major Photography
Year Third Year

This work functions as a  reflection in retrospect, a delayed feedback session with yourself, by accident. I never meant for this audio to be recorded, resulting in this brutally honest and transparent ‘mono-dialogue’ I have with my future self where I tell him exactly what’s what, how I feel, who I want to be as a maker and what I actually want to do. This work shows that for most questions you struggle with, the answers are available in yourself if you care to pay enough attention.

The playfulness the images exhibit in response to the mono-dialogue in the foreground serve as an uprising against the feeling of inferiority that is apparent in the one-sided conversation experienced by the viewer. The image plays a supporting and clarifying role and shows a ‘me’ who experiences greater freedom and independence as a maker and a person.

A playful nod to the reality that every story knows multiple sides

The fact that the other side of this phone conversation is concealed and the identity of the person that is spoken to remains unknown is a playful nod to the reality that every story knows multiple sides. By only allowing the viewer to experience my side of this story, a certain sense of mystery is created. The purpose of this work is to show that it always pays off to follow your intuition and that you should never limit yourself by what you think is expected of you by others.