Tripping Autonomy


This event is a part of the Graduation Show 2018 programme


Tripping Autonomy is the 2018 Piet Zwart Institute Master Fine Art graduate exhibition and performance programme, and a collaboration between MAMA, PZI MFA artists, and staff. This year we are hosted by De Kroon, in a former electrical engineering factory on the Maas river.

Autonomy is socially constructed and contingent. Within a two-year MA Fine Art program that emphasizes self-direction in studio research and practice and relies upon around-the-clock collective self-governance, autonomies are constantly being re-negotiated as art and life merge and diverge in the most significant and most banal ways.

With Tripping Autonomy, the 2018 MFA graduates assert their agency to trip the term in a group exhibition and performance program that trips all the sensory fuses. But tripping also means to activate, fluff, hallucinate, operate, travel with, hoist, stumble over, dance with, obsess over, get high on, activate, mess with, and release. A ‘tripping’ autonomy is one that acknowledges and embraces the conceptual and lived instabilities inherent to all claims for self-determination, art for art’s sake, and the de-segregation of art and life.


Timur Akhmetov, Sophie Bates, Shraddha Borawake, Katharina Cameron, Larisa David, Marta Hryniuk, Alexander Iezzi, Anne Kolbe, Johanna Kotlaris, George Nesbitt, Collette Rayner, Victor Santamarina, Anastasia Shin, Nicholas Thomas, and Sophie Varin.


De Kroon, Schiemond 20-22, Rotterdam (Delfshaven).*


Friday, July 6 18.00 – 23.00


Saturday, July 7 – Sunday, July 15  from 14.00 – 19.00, closed on Monday, July 9

*Tram 8 from Rotterdam Central Station (direction Spangen, stop Schiemond). Metro lines A, B, C to Delfshaven metro stop.

Guided by Marloes de Vries (curator, MAMA), graphic design by Team Thursday.