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WdKA Life: Meet Lisa

Lisa Vander Plaetse
Sat 25 Jan

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Lisa Vander Plaetse, Product Design, 2nd year. Interested in Commercial Practices.

My name is Lisa Vander Plaetse, I'm a 2nd-year product designer interested in Commercial Practices. I am passionate about the relations between design, people and culture. I aspire to become a multidisciplinary designer, but my one love is footwear design.

What is your favourite project so far?

One of my favourite projects is the first one I did at the academy: VOOOR bags. The assignment asked to find inspiration in the city of Rotterdam. I looked into the relationship between diversity and communities and created a line of bags that would serve as a platform for collaborations between different groups to promote individuality while fostering community.

My advice is: be daring and to express your personality and interests through your application.

Why did you choose art academy life?

After studying industrial design in Montreal and doing an internship in Germany, I realised that the design culture in Europe is really different from the one where I'm from. I decided to go to art school because I wanted to develop my personal creative identity outside of the commercial world.

What was the admission process like? Tips and tricks for the aspirants to be prepared best for the assessments.

I did the application from Canada, but it was nice to be able to choose what assignment I wanted to apply with. I remember that they were all inspiring, which said a lot about the school already. My advice is: be daring and to express your personality and interests through your application.

Describe the WdKA vibe in five words.

Versatile, inspiring, limitless, well-equipped, knowledgeable.

Describe your future profession as you see it today.

My dream profession at the moment is to have my own design studio that will focus on sustainability in the footwear industry, doing not only footwear design but a variety of creative work.

I design tomorrow today

Let’s talk about inspiration: where do you get it from?

My main inspiration is always people. And culture. I love to understand them and find new design opportunities to interact in people's lives.

What is (are) your favourite Station(s)?

I love Fabric Station and BlueCity Lab because the tutors are always very helpful and you have all the equipment you need to make your projects come to life.

Your advice for the art academy aspirants?

Don't be afraid to dream boldly, school is the place to try to be anything you want. Be ambitious, experiment with new techniques, expand your talents and you will achieve things you could never imagine.

Your favourite places in Rotterdam?

My favourite place in Rotterdam is the Museumpark on a (rare) sunny day.

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