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WdKA Life: Meet Daniela

Daniela Delgado
Tue 28 Jan

You are have visited our Open Days, have taken Stations' Tour, have checked out the stories we have published, but still, there are some unanswered burning questions? Our students from different majors, last years and Practices are glad to be of help! Read the stories from last year's student-ambassadors and keep an eye on our social media: our students will take turns to answer your questions live on WdKA Instagram and WdKA Facebook page until May the 1st.

Daniela Delgado, Photography, 4th year, Autonomous Practices.

I am Daniela Delgado, a Peruvian documentary artist who moved to the Netherlands to pursue an education in autonomous arts. My work is photography based, questions the image and the accessibility of media we have today. At WdKA, I first started studying lifestyle Transformation Design, later transferring to the Photography department (this happened in my third year), to take a more autonomous approach. This has allowed my body of work to grow through performance art and experimental film.

What is your favourite project so far?

My favourite project is yet to be discovered. However, the type of work I enjoy the most is performative and behaviour oriented. I did a performance during my New York study exchange that I did not direct, but I let it happen. I guided my entire class to the streets of Manhattan and made them write a line of text in a notebook. This sequential choreography went on until everyone had a podium. The act was registered and performed once. I named it “Thank You for Existing”, a non-called-for show that won’t be repeated but that we all together abstractly enjoyed.

Why did you choose art academy life?

I am a practical maker and I believe in the power of autonomy in every working environment. I use a lot of reference texts for my work, however, this research does not have a structure given by the institution; it has been discovered with assistance and inspiration of my peers that come from different practices and backgrounds.

I also chose for an arts education because it embraces failure as part of the process. I think that time in the academy well lived is when the students are innately and deliberately looking for extreme situations and collaborations outside the lines of their comfort zone. Perhaps not immediately create their “most beautiful” pieces of work, but they will learn what their work has to offer (value), and most importantly, what it can become (potential).

I'm prepared for the future

What was the admission process like? Any tips and tricks for the aspirants to be prepared best for the assessments?

As an international applying from abroad, I went through a different admission process than the majority of Dutch applicants. My advice for someone sharing my case would be to take it one step at a time: look at the instructions on the website, send a clear digitalised version of your portfolio (regardless of how raw this can be), and make the assignment, something that screams YOU.

In my case, a physical prototype of the assignment had to be sent by physical mail, so it is important to be aware of the deadlines and carry out an anticipated plan.

Describe the WdKA vibe in five words.

Initiative leading to beautiful chaos.

Describe your future profession as you see it today.

I want to travel the world sharing stories and connecting people from different cultures. Although this could be for a magazine or through independent networking for exposure, the precise form has not been outlined.

Let’s talk about inspiration: where do you get it from?

I get my inspiration from my school mentors and digital mentors, the Internet. I constantly look at work from past video makers, philosophers and scientists. I use the city as my playground and visit both contemporary exhibitions and lectures. I’ve found the most boring lectures and design talks to be the most revealing. I go to markets to find objects that provoke thought. I keep myself posted on theatre. I travel and I write. I reconsider better ways of organising my stories, for myself, because then it will lead to better translation. I try to dress quirky to be able to practice the art of “collaging” from the world. I’d say, my daily activity, that's inspiring.

I see this school as a factory for creative makers

What is (are) your favourite Station(s)?

My favourite station is the Publication Station, this is where I print and materialise my work.

One advice for the art academy aspirants?

My advice would be to take initiative from day one. I see this school as a factory for creative makers who want to constantly destroy and re-construct, and do not wait for authority to tell them what is left to be done. The artworld is subjective; one must be ready to declare their position, seeing each window of feedback as an opportunity of new light into aspects of the work and your future art personality that wouldn’t have appeared otherwise. I would also advise them not to take the term “artist” too seriously, it brings too much unnecessary pressure.

Name your favourite places in Rotterdam.

I have had the craziest nights in The Performance Bar. I especially enjoy Tuesday and Saturday mornings by Blaak to go shopping for scraps, old photographs and cloths in the market. For a nice library, I would advise crossing the bridge to the Dutch Photo Museum archive. And as for coffee? WdKA's own cafe de Willem will do.

This article is a part of the WdKA Recruitment Campaign 2019-2020. WdKA recruitment campaign 2018-2019 has come to life thanks to the collaboration of alumni: Hunted agency (Job Taks, Graphic Design 2014), Britt Roubos (Lifestyle Transformation Design 2014), Lawrence Lee Kalkman (Audiovisual Design, 2014), Bram Frits (Audiovisual Design, 2nd year) ánd WdKA students. Keep an eye on this website and social media (InstagramFacebook) for more images and stories.

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