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Virtual Fashion and Immersive Technologies - Student Work

Sat 11 Nov

During the Immersive Tech Week 2023 that will take place from November 28-December 1st, fashion students of WdKA will present their work during the Masterclass on Virtual Fashion and Immersive Technologies on December 1st. In this post, we will share more about their projects. Interested to learn more? Subscribe to the Masterclass via this link.

Enna Elenova

Enna Elenova’s collection Dear Grandpa vividly captures twelve common emotions we might feel in our relationships with our grandfathers. By using a wide range of fabrics and colours, she encourages us to reflect on the powerful story she tells through her digitalised fashion experience. As a designer Elenova is dedicated to normalising our feelings and this collection is a testament to her unwavering commitment to that cause.

Ines Bara

The collection Between Realities by Ines Bara centers on capturing the feeling of a dream. In her perspective, dreams serve as a means for the unconscious to communicate with the conscious mind. Her creations showcase a blend of recognizable garment silhouettes interspersed with elements that are doubled, twisted or worn in distinctive ways. In the dreamy digital environment that she created, you are invited to witness the continuous transformation of her designs.

Anna Kosidło

Astral is a project, which explores a personal fascination with afterlife and rebirth. With the scraps of memories from past lives and dreams, Anna Kosidło attempts to travel to the state of the mysterious ’’between’’ – the moment of not-a-body-anymore, but also not yet gone from the Surface of Earth; slowly deteriorating into an energy form, glowing with light and vanishing into stardust. She communicates this state by putting characters in layered colourful organza, blurry prints, rounded silhouettes, symbols of the circle of life, as well as elongated proportions – melting and fading into otherwordly spheres.

Barbora Horáková

The Forma project is aiming to draw attention back to the essence of garment design. Barbora Horáková considers that to be the body itself, which is the ultimate abettor of fashion creation. By drawing the garment pattern directly from body outlines, Forma is about reconnecting with the physical self, as that is becoming a very uneasy task in a technology driven world.

Faye van der Aa

Anemoia means having nostalgia for a time you’ve never known – that’s an experience the collection of Faye van der Aa explores through the phenomenon of forgetting your childhood and reliving it throughout your adult-years. Rather than seeing this occurrence as something sad, Faye van der Aa embraces the forgetting and sees it as a chance to regain the missed girlhood and femininity – doing so by photogrammetry scanning physical garments and placing them in a digital world.

Stan Frentz

Do we truly stand alone in the universe? Stan Frentz's work unravels the captivating connection between gods and humans, delving into the existence of evolved hybrid aliens coexisting within our reality. Vinted, a platform well-known to many, becomes the canvas for Stan's innovative artistry, as AI-generated screenshots showcase the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence in both thought and creation. In this digital landscape, images of familiar clothing offer comfort, while the enigmatic avatars, residing within the uncanny valley, beckon us to explore the intriguing and unsettling depths of this digital frontier.


Nuala Knoors

In the middle of the chaos of a car crash, there's a hidden beauty. Nuala Knoors’s collection shows an inspiring transformation and combines elements of safety and danger. The rapid deployment of the airbag creates sculptural forms with and on the human's body, when it inflates that makes it visually captivating. Designed to protect but not so protective.

Sahar Khazaei

The Motorcycle Inspired Collection by Sahar Khazaei features silhouettes that draw inspiration from the dynamic shapes of BRP Motorcycles. Streamlined and aerodynamic, the garments have angular, futuristic cuts with metallic accents to evoke the power and speed of these machines.