Virtual Fashion and Immersive Technologies Masterclass

Dec 1 2023

Masterclass on Virtual Fashion and Immersive Technologies - Immersive Tech Week 2023

Join us for an exploration into the dynamic intersection of fashion and technology during Immersive Tech Week. WdKA invites you to join for a masterclass on Virtual Fashion. In this session, we will delve into the realm of new digital technologies that are reshaping the landscape of the fashion industry.

Pioneering virtual fashion practicioners Virgile Biosa of Unexplored Fields and Suzanne Mulder of studio PMS will lead this masterclass. With their extensive expertise they will illuminate the transformative potential of virtual craftmanship within the changing field of fashion. During the masterclass the talented students from the Willem de Kooning Academy will share their innovative and forward-thinking approaches to virtual fashion design, receiving captivating commentary by these industry experts. To see a glimpse of their projects, click here.

Discover the exciting world of virtual fashion were cutting-edge technology shapes creativity and possibility. How can new technologies help us to rethink fashion as we know it today? What are its potentials in relation to a more sustainable and inclusive fashion field?  How does it challenge our understanding of what fashion is? 

Step into the realm of virtual fashion and join the conversation! You can subscribe via this link.

Please note: New timetable & venue
Due to the great demand for tickets, we have been allocated a larger hall for the event This does however mean that the current time of the masterclass will be cancelled. The new starting time of the masterclass is Friday 1 December from 16.30 - 17.30 hrs at van Cappellen Stage (de Doelen).


Programme | 16.30 - 17.30 hrs

Introduction by Aldje van Meer 

Presentation by Virgile Biosa of Unexplored Fields 

Masterclass lead by Virgile Biosa and student interviews by Anouk van Klaveren 

Presentation by Suzanne Mulder of Studio PMS 

 Masterclass lead by Suzanne Mulder and student interviews by Anouk van Klaveren 


The programme will be moderated by Leroy van Halen


Virgile Biosa - Unexplored Fields

Virgile Biosa is an Art Director and 3D artist based in Lyon, France. With a background in fashion design and fine arts, he continues to explore fashion design through digital tools, all the while maintaining a keen eye for artisanal aesthetic. Inspired by his promenades through natural and urban landscapes, as well as a wide range of art forms, his projects frequently focus on the natural world and the intersection between nature and technology. Virgile Biosa has collaborated with a range of clients, including brands and designers such as Lacoste, Dr. Martens, Suicoke, and more... In addition to his personal work, he is also the co-founder of the Unexplored Fields collective. 

Virgil Biosa


Suzanne Mulder Studio PMS

Suzanne Mulder from Studio PMS is a digital jack-of-all-trades and uses the digital world as a blank canvas. She designs with an emphasis on making the design industry more sustainable and uses innovative techniques such as 3D modeling, holograms, virtual and augmented reality. In addition to her work as co-owner of the digital design studio, she teaches at various art academies and works as senior manager digitals fashion innovation and impact at the Centraal Museum Utrecht. https://studiopms.nl/

Suzanne Mulder


Leroy van Halen Moderator

Leroy Sirasit van Halen is a freelance designer and design researcher in the field of fashion. He obtained his BA Fashion Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. During his studies, Leroy started working for the Parisian avant-garde fashion label Bernhard Willhelm for which he moved to their design studio in Los Angeles. Still working for the label, Leroy decided that he wanted to expand his craft and pursued an academic MA-degree Arts and Culture: Design Cultures which he obtained at the VU Amsterdam. Leroy’s approach to design and research fashion is grounded in the interdisciplinary field of material culture; he believes that objects encapsulate and mediate parts of our social reality. Nowadays, Leroy is working on his own projects as well as a freelance designer and researcher for both Dutch and international clients. 


Anouk van Klaveren   

Anouk van Klaveren is an independent artist and fashion educator at Willem de Kooning Academy. She approaches fashion as an embodied research practice, exploring its absurd, magical and seductive nature. She is co-founder of Das Leben am Haverkamp, a collective and platform for experimental fashion. In their shared laboratory in The Hague they invite makers, thinkers and a curious audience to experiment with what fashion can be beyond a capitalist object. She is trained at the Royal Academy of Art and Sandberg Institute, and further developed her work through various interdisciplinary collaborations with among others Zeeuws Museum and FashionClash Festival.  


Aldje van Meer 

Aldje van Meer (1971) is a senior lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, specializing in interactive media. With an MFA in digital media design, she initially worked as a cross-media artist/designer before transitioning to art education. Aldje leads multiple research groups, including one exploring AI's impact on image creation, and another focusing on 3D competences in fashion education for diversity and sustainability.