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Graduation Show 2018, Opening Night

Willem de Kooning Academy
Wed 4 Jul

WdKA Graduation Show 2018

July the 5th

Yesterday's night was a blast! We have opened the WdKA Graduation Show 2018 that, for sure, will inspire and challenge your views on different themes. Lots of visitors came this year, creating a magic atmosphere that made the Opening Night such a fun and incredible moment.

The evening kicked off with a fresh free beer at the café De Willem, along with the music and performance by the Ping Pong Club. Until late hours, people had the chance to wander around and view the graduates' work. Afterwards, they could enjoy the summer weather outside the academy with a burger and a drink.

This year, many graduates have researched and brought up important themes. Such as identity, ecology and sustainability, the future of the world, life and death, revolutionary use of technology and the impact of the internet and the social media on our perception and everyday lives.

There are so many ways to approach art and design. The graduates of 2018 did an outstanding job in portraying and bringing innovation to the field of their future careers.

Graduation project by Kimberly Dias. Photography Aad Hoogendoorn
Reawaken Installation by Jeanine Verloop (Illustration, Digital Craft). Photography Aad Hoogendoorn
Photography Aad Hoogendoorn
Project by Lyn Braas, Photography : Menno Boer
WdKA entrance created by the Graduation Show 2018 design team. Photography Menno Boer.

During the Graduation Show, our Academy turns into a maze where getting lost is a must.

There are over 300+ original projects waiting to be seen, every single one is unique due to the numerous possible paths of our study programmes.

Are you lost? Prepare your visit with the help of our wayfinding tool on your mobile. Go to and search for the graduates' names, Practices, Minors, Bachelors, Masters and topics and decide for yourself what to see. Visit this page to learn whose projects have been nominated for the awards this year.

Graduation Show is open until July the 8th, will we see you?

More Graduation Show photos on WdKA Facebook page.

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