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...at Bas Kosters Studio

Berend Brus
Sun 29 Jul

Berend Brus, Fashion Design/Hacking tells about his internship experience at Bas Kosters Studio.

My name is Berend Brus, as is the name of my eponymous brand. I am a fashion designer inspired by people who create their own reality by using identity and fantasy. Even though my work touches on serious subjects and carries significant weight, it is always accompanied by a wink. My need to talk about societal problems is what drives me. Meanwhile, I also refrain from the darkness in these issues by creating with a sense of humour. To balance the critical and intense experiences... I choose to keep it light-hearted and send my message with a subliminal twist.

I choose to keep it light-hearted and send my message with a subliminal twist.

Where did you spend your internship period and why did you choose that particular place/collaboration?

I have spent my internship at Bas Kosters Studio. I chose to do my internship there because I have always admired his work and had heard from former interns that the environment in the studio was very positive and collaborative. This was something that, I had suspected, was missing at other internships but is essential to a productive workspace.

What did you learn during your internship?

Collaboration and communication were at the forefront of everything. This was incredibly valuable for me as a collaborative and social fashion designer. I learned a lot about working in cohesion with a fashion designer and other colleagues of his team. My task was to coordinate multiple projects, learning how to multi-task under a deadline. Production and the organisation of business lessons are something that I really took to heart at the Bas Kosters Studio.

I work so intensely during the day - I am exhausted by night.

What didn’t you expect to learn but experienced as a bonus?

This internship has given me an immense boost in morale, motivation and confidence. And a big bonus is a true home away from home where I am always welcome and love to go back to. It was a marvellous experience to learn so much from such a great human being and designer.

Did you gain any insights that can be used in your further life and studies?

The thing I will cherish the most from my time at Bas Kosters Studio is that I have experienced how to collaborate with like-minded people and have got insights on how to manage a business successfully. I strive to apply all of these wonderful experiences in my day to day professional life as a fashion designer.

What kept you awake at night?

Nothing really. In general, I work so intensely during the day - I am exhausted by night.

What was the greatest obstacle?

The greatest obstacle that I had to overcome was myself. My ambition and goal-oriented mind make sure that I always have a clear vision of where I want to be and go. This is both a gift and a curse since I always feel that I should do better, always pushing myself to the limit and beyond.

View Berend's graduation project.

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