Research Station

The place where research is made visible

In 2018 from January on together we will reinvent the space formerly known as Media Library as WdKA's new Research Station.

The Research Station’s purpose is to encourage applied research – research shaped by a complex mixture of speculative thinking, studying theories, experimenting and reflecting. It is a place for sharing your research ideas, a place for intervision, debating and presenting. This is where research is presented in the form of publications, documents and exhibitions of best practices.

The Research Station aspires:

  • To be a connective hub where people share knowledge with people who are eager for knowledge.
  • To be a place where visual research is made visible.

In the Research Station you can:

  • Develop basic research skills: find information, explore and investigate, write and read assignments, and formulate research questions using visual sources.
  • Develop research skills relevant to your own context, for example observational and interviewing techniques.
  • Familiarise yourself with methods of design research and artistic research, such as prototyping, culture probing and data mapping.
  • Learn the research skills necessary for reflecting upon your work.

By consequence the Research Station connects the various locations, persons and education levels that are related to research.


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