Interaction Station

The place for designing user behaviour and interaction through software and hardware development

In the Interaction Station we focus on a broad array of technologies including programming, electronics, augmented and virtual Reality, real-time 3d, machine learning and AI.

We like to experiment with new tools, technologies and hardware, taking a critical eye to developing technologies and seeing how they can be appropriated for creative uses. We’re equally interested in how older technologies can be re-evaluated in contemporary contexts. We are here to help you develop your ideas into working projects providing individual consultation, station skills and lessons.

In the Interaction Station you can:

  • Build and test interactive sound and video installations.
  • Hack and adapt existing electronic and digital applications and systems.
  • Improve your web development skills and work on other networked projects.
  • Become acquainted with new technologies such as Oculus Rift and Raspberry Pi.