Fabric Station

The place to experiment and work on innovations in textiles and other fashion-related materials

Willem de Kooning Academy state-of-the-art Fabric Station focuses on fashion, textiles and innovative soft materials. Here you will learn to recognise, identify and work with different materials and techniques, taking a hands-on approach while exploring and developing textiles and fashion. Another important topic in the Fabric Station is how new digital manufacturing techniques can influence and modernise existing crafts.

In the Fabric Station you can:

  • Learn about all aspects of pattern making, making garments, draping and sewing.
  • Render digital images to textiles using our digital embroidery machine and digital loom.
  • Familiarise yourself with textile dyeing techniques such as batik and shibori.
  • Make a carpet using the tufting technique.
  • Experiment with various textile techniques such as felting, knitting and weaving.