Education Station

The place to explore all aspects of teaching and learning.

The place to explore all aspects of teaching, learning and vitality.

The Willem de Kooning Academy Education Station is the centre of our learning community at the WdKA. We collect and distribute knowledge, and stimulate new initiatives related to teaching and art education. Our station is a place for sharing and exchanging ideas on art education between all members of our community. We collaborate with students, instructors, coaches, teachers, and staff members. In addition to specific programs, we offer activities and events about art education. We also offer different Vitality interventions, for example Vitality events (often in collaboration with students or staff members) and individual Vitality coaching. This is how our community is shaped, created and kept up-to-date.

The Education Station provides:

  • Introducing our educational concept to the new teachers
  • Teaching qualification courses
  • Assessment-trainings
  • English language support
  • Electives on art education
  • Brown-Bag lunches dedicated to inclusive pedagogy
  • Development of, the academy's internal digital platform
  • Vitality Events & Coaching for students and staff members