Education Station

The place to explore all aspects of teaching and learning.

The Education Station is the centre of our learning community within WdKA. We collect and distribute knowledge, and stimulate new initiatives related to teaching and art education for students, instructors, coaches, teachers, and staff members. In addition to our specific programs, we offer activities and events about art education.

We believe that good art education cannot be accomplished by merely hiring talented artists and designers. We have to do more. We believe we have to create our own unique approach to building a collaborative learning community for art and design. We have to facilitate dialogue and initiate activit to stimulate change. We see this as the only way to reach education that can be truly inclusive, innovative, and related to today’s professional practice.

“Teaching at Willem de Kooning Academy involves being part of a learning community. Tutors, instructors, students, and facility staff are all part of this community and its iterative process of learning. The Education Station facilitates & initiates this professional development of our education at WdKA”


The Education Station provides:

  • Introducing our educational concept to the new teachers
  • Teaching qualification courses
  • Assessment-trainings
  • English language support
  • Electives on art education
  • Development of, the academy's internal digital platform