Business Station

The place to become a Creating Professional

In the Willem de Kooning Academy Business Station, you will learn to make an impact with your work and to determine and act accordingly to its value within a given context. You will learn to be in control or to be disruptive in competitive markets, nationally as well as internationally. In addition to specific programmes and modules, the Business Station also offers a wide range of activities and events related to running a business.

In the Business Station you can:

  • Learn to make an impact, and how to make a living out of it.
  • Learn to recognise and create value in relation to your work.
  • Increase your understanding of contexts, and learn how to position your work.
  • Learn about pitching, presenting and putting together a portfolio.
  • Learn about dealing with clients – businesses as well as cultural and government institutes.
  • Learn about intellectual property issues such as copyright, Creative Commons, patents and plagiarism.