Studium Generale / Speculations and Science

Commercial Practices
Thu 26 Oct

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Speculations and Science

Commercial Practices, year 3.

November 1, 2017


The Studium Generale programme ‘Science and Speculations’ focuses on the value of curiosity-driven research for the future society, culture and economy. Erasmus MC has expressed the need for visual communication of experimental scientific research, in order to show its relevance to a broader audience. What could be the role of speculation, experiment, serendipity and imagination for science and innovation? What happens when art, design and science meet? Collaborations between these fields provide new professional opportunities for artists, designers, animators, data designers and other fields of visual communication.


Erasmus MC and Willem de Kooning Academy invite their students and staff to an interactive seminar that explores and discusses collaborative encounters between the Arts and Sciences. A starting point is the research question: how to tell the story of experimental scientific research through speculation, storytelling and visualisation?


Students from WdKA, students from the ErasmusMC PhD programme, scientists, artists, designers.

Programme Outline

The morning session introduced speakers from design, art, science, journalism. In their work, science, art and design merge. They have elaborated on the research question from their specific professional perspectives.

The afternoon session included a design challenge for WdKA students of Commercial Practices, year 3: Data Design (data visualisation), Branding (communication, awareness), New Frontiers (speculation, bio-design) and Service Design (designing human experiences).

View the detailed programme here

Radical Retail

Commercial Practices, year 3.

November 17, 2017



At present, our consumer behaviour is strongly affected by digital media and online shopping. This form of retail allows for online price comparison and consumption for DIY sales. What could be a future of retail in times of an emancipated critical consumer, who shares knowledge about products and gets more involved in the production process? How do we design for 'collaborative consumption'? At the same time, ethical values are becoming increasingly important for consumers. Alternative monetary systems emerge, like exchange trading, DIY money and virtual currency (blockchain). Do we make retail as-we-know-it unnecessary? The SG program intended to map different future scenarios of ‘Radical Retail’.


‘Radical Retail’ investigates the role of artists and designers. How can we imagine a ‘Radical Retail’ landscape? What are future and perhaps still imaginary systems and spaces for trade and
consumption? What could be (design) perspectives in times of changing consumer behaviour, DIY and bottom-up mentality, the importance of ethical values and emerging alternative economies?


The Studium Generale consisted of a public morning program with presentations of professionals and an afternoon program with associated workshops for Data Design, Branding, Service Design and New Frontiers year 3. View the full programme here.