Breathable Surfaces

Autonomous Practices
Sun 4 Mar

In collaboration with the artist Ivan Henriques, the group of scientists from the Free University of Amsterdam, WdKA art & design students and the students and faculty engineers from CEFET / RJ and COPPE / UFRJ are developing the Breathable Surfaces - Autonomous Photosynthetic Systems.

How can designers and artists working together with scientists and engineers predict an innovative future? The Breathable Surfaces - Autonomous Photosynthetic Systems that took place from February 23 to 28, in the Terreiro de Curiosidades (Museu do Amanhã), illustrates this perfectly well.

The interdisciplinary team worked on the proposal to create an autonomous photosynthetic system that could help Earth's environment and become a fundamental interface facilitating ground-formation on other planets; specifically in the exchange of gases with the environment and electricity generation, creating or helping atmosphere for terrestrial life.

This project is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands.

The full report about the project will soon be published here.