Modest Fashion / Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Sep 21 2019 Feb 9 2020

Modest Fashion, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

An international phenomenon in art and fashion

The ‘modest fashion’ industry is a billion-dollar industry, born out of the need of women to dress more modestly (read: covered). It is something very much of today and recently is actually booming. At the same time, it has a place in a long history of cultural exchange.

Many women choose modesty for religious reasons. But it is not only among Muslims, Jews and Christians that the trend has arisen. For many women -religious or not- covering fashion is also a feminist statement: they refuse to commit themselves to the ideals of beauty in a tradition dominated by men. On the contrary, there are so many ways to show who you are and what you stand for. Modest fashion is therefore not about the question ‘covered or not?’, but about the freedom of choice and creativity of women all over the world in the 21st century. In this exhibition, they show not only fashion but also contemporary artworks that deal with the same underlying question: what space can and may women occupy?

Several of WdKA alumni take part in this exhibition:

Perrine Philomeen (Fashion Design, 2018)

Hasna El Maroudi (Fashion Design, 2009)

Jonathan Christopher (Fashion Design,2009)



Image: Perrine Philomeen, Hijab in Transition, 2018
Source: website Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

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