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Graphic Design

HUNTED Digital Design Studio

Job Taks
Tue 12 Mar
Function Visual Designer
Year 2014
Major Graphic Design
Practice Autonomous Practices

HUNTED / Digital Design Studio

We get Hunted for our visual design & digital experiences. With a clear strategy, we create visionary branding, websites & video productions.
By combining new technologies and design we create moments of wonder, this is when people and brands truly connect.

What is your occupation now?

Visual designer with a focus on strategic digital branding, video productions and web design. Besides my commercial projects, I try to make independent work and conduct my own (visual) research. At the moment, I am really happy about where I am. My core business is clear and my company is ‘naturally’ shifting to bigger projects and since two years I don’t (have to) work alone anymore.

What expertise did you gain at WdKA?

I loved my time at the WdKA. Looking back, there was so much space for the experiment. What have I really learned at the WdKA is being able to switch off the rational while creating. The real thinking and selecting come after experimenting and sketching. That's the most important thing I’ve learned at the academy. And that everything that you want to do, you have to learn it yourself. Besides that, I have learned to listen to teachers, but afterwards, rethink the feedback and check whether I do agree with them or not. If not, I have learned to make sure I could explain why. What I did miss was the link to the real world. That is why I have created Wanted, a platform for creatives.

ZKT | Interactive Installation

Favourite WdKA memory?

Actually a lot of memories, I have built a strong friendship with a few of my classmates. We see each other almost every week. We all have been trained in graphic design but it is so cool to see everybody growing, shifting and exploring new work fields. The best memories were the school trips to Keulen and Berlin, we always had a blast!

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

Our work field has changed very rapidly in a few years, and it keeps on changing perpetually. I see myself more as a visual designer/artist, so I can only talk about my choice, and path: I am happy with where I am now, I have expanded my work field from graphic design to video, animation & websites. My plan is to develop more independent projects, next to the commercial ones, and shift my role more towards a thinker. I am learning a lot by working on commercial projects and I do love the speed, deadlines and challenges. But it's important to make time for experiment and dream of future plans.

You never leave your house without…?

Think about what we have in common nowadays is that I will answer: my phone.

It's so interesting that everybody is so attached to it, but it's so unhealthy to take your phone with you everywhere. I travel a lot (every two-three months I go abroad for a month), sometimes with my work, sometimes searching for the best beach, but when travelling, I always try to be offline as much as possible. I really feel more connected to my mind and relaxed. I am still figuring out how to use my online-devices smartly when I am at work in Rotterdam.


Any words of advice to future students?

Experiment as much as you can, the academy offers so much space for it. Go for it, don’t think too much and create as much as you can. Follow your heroes, get inspired by them and keep in touch with the teachers and students you like. During your holidays - travel, a lot! Go on an exchange, just live it. You’ve got four years. After that it really is different.

Name your favourite recent project.

Actually, the latest three: a video production for RASL, visual identity and website for a creative workspace in Amsterdam and we have built a prototype for an interactive installation. The best combination of projects!

Teaser - RASL. We created the video campaign for RASL, a brand-new double degree where art meets science. By creating short-driven video’s of interviews with students, we present the innovative education programme tot the world, in a fresh and characteristic way.

Hunted for WdKA Recruitment Campaign 2018-2019

In October 2018 Hunted has started working on WdKA's new recruitment campaign. WdKA recruitment campaign 2018-2019 has come to life thanks to the collaboration of alumni: Hunted Design Studio (Job Taks, Graphic Design 2014), Britt Roubos (Lifestyle Transformation Design 2014), Tjeerd Melchers (Audiovisual Design 2016), Michèle van Vliet (Photography 2013), Stefan Mandersloot (Audiovisual Design 2016), Minou Meijers (Photography 2017) ánd WdKA students: Jim van de Sande, Pablo Marin, Maxime van Strijland, Faria van Creij, Alexander van der Heide, Pietro Wang, Denzel Veerkamp, Renée de LaatMaria MombersTim van der PlasRoy Jakobs. Keep an eye on this website and social media (InstagramFacebook) for images and stories.

Teaser WdKA Recruitment Campaign 2018-2019

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