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WdKA Life: Meet Maxime

Maxime van Strijland
Mon 25 Mar

You have visited our Open Days, have taken Stations' Tour, have checked out the stories we have published, but still, there are some unanswered burning questions? Our students from different majors, years and Practices are glad to be of help! Read their stories and keep an eye on our social media: all six, starting with Maxime van Strijland, will take turns to answer your questions live on WdKA Instagram and WdKA Facebook page from April 4th until April 30th.

Maxime is a fourth year Graphic Design student. Her graduation profile is New Frontiers/Commercial Practices.

Why did you choose art academy life?

I wanted to expand my creativity. I knew I had it but didn’t really know how to use or apply it. Within the art academy, we get encouraged and supported in trying new things and becoming open-minded.

Describe your future profession as you see it today.

To me, being a graphic designer is being a visual communicator. I am intrigued by the relationship we have with technology, and its impact on our wellbeing. My work mostly contains digital data which I translate into analogue visuals. I exhibit the result in a tangible form: an exhibition or installation. I would like to create awareness, inspire thought about the impact of technology on our lives and sensible use of it.

Almost four years ago... What was the admission process like? Tips and tricks for the aspirants to be prepared best for the assessments.

Think about the things you have made so far and ask yourself why you have chosen this topic/form or another. Before art school, I used to make a lot of collages, but couldn't tell the assessors why I made these, what the exact message or goal was. It is wise to think about it in advance, besides this knowledge will help you further if you start as a student here.

Let’s talk about inspiration: where do you get it from?

(Philosophical) conversations with friends, everyday life, people around me, the news, books, lectures, other designers, theatre...

What is (are) your favourite Station(s)?

Every Station is unique ;). The amazing thing is that if you have an idea for your project, there’s always a Station you can work in and people who'll assist you. Sometimes I can be found in the Fabric Station, even though I am not a fashion designer;  I loooove working in the Publication Station, where you have a lot of old printing methods like silkscreen, lithography, etching, lino and risograph printing. I like to translate digital into analogue and vice versa, and so I also like to work in the Interaction Station.

What is your favourite project so far?

One of the favourite recent projects is Knowsy, based on research on the use of personal data that we release easily on the Internet. I make data tangible by punching it out on music box cards and thus converted into music that you can play through an old music box. On the backside of the music card, a pattern emerges. With this pattern, I create artworks that are printed on tableware. I have chosen tableware because it is a delicate product. You handle it with care. This is a metaphor for how you should deal with your own data.

Describe the WdKA vibe in five words.

 Wiz Khalifa Black And Yellow.

Your favourite places in Rotterdam?

The Willem de Kooning Academy is my favourite place in Rotterdam, it feels like home (home is where the heart is).

Your advice for the art academy aspirants?

Follow the leader (=yourself).

This article is a part of the WdKA Recruitment Campaign 2018-2019. WdKA recruitment campaign 2018-2019 has come to life thanks to the collaboration of alumni: Hunted Design Studio (Job Taks, Graphic Design 2014), Britt Roubos (Lifestyle Transformation Design 2014), Tjeerd Melchers (Audiovisual Design 2016), Michèle van Vliet (Photography 2013), Stefan Mandersloot (Audiovisual Design 2016), Minou Meijers (Photography 2017) ánd WdKA students: Jim van de Sande, Pablo Marin, Maxime van Strijland, Faria van Creij, Alexander van der Heide, Pietro Wang, Denzel Veerkamp, Renée de Laat, Maria Mombers, Tim van der Plas, Roy Jakobs. Keep an eye on this website and social media (InstagramFacebook) for more images and stories.