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A Mythic Narrator

Mette Sterre
Sun 1 Dec
Function Performance & costume designer
Year 2006
Major Fine Art

The purpose of a mythic narrative is to make the world intelligible, using magical means to resolve the contradictions of life.



"Mette Sterre is a London/Rotterdam-based visual artist/designer, mainly focusing on sculptural costume-based performances. Her work deals with grotesque, the world of topsy-turvy, the uncanny and the paradox.
Mette is inspired by Fibonacci numbers in nature, sociology and horror movies. Her current research is that of the meta-body, like a Dr.Frankenstein she sews body parts together, creating the 'body masks' of the new human beings."

Photo: "manama" performed during "hard Camp" at the Resistance Gallery in London. A combination of costume design and puppet-making.


What is your occupation now?

I am an independent performance maker and costume designer. I produce and write shows; but above all, I am a visual artist working in the crossover field between fashion, theatre and culture. In my work, I distort the human contours to critique current socio-political and auto-biographical issues using the grotesque and artifice.  I work internationally and live between Rotterdam and London.

What expertise did you gain at WdKA?

...to work as experimental and free as I personally was and to maintain that; to not listen much to people's opinions; that the race is long and in the end it is only with yourself. I learned at WdKA how to be self-critical without getting trapped in thoughts.

Mette Sterre, video portrait by Claire Lawrie

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

I think the collaboration between the artists and artists-run spaces will make a comeback in the dryness of current neo-liberal development; interdisciplinary projects between science and art will also become more and more usual and, of course, virtual reality and the digital realm will become a space for exhibitions and exchange.

Poly P.P.E., a Theatre Show about Loneliness. Collaboration with Dennis Vanderbroek, Vincent van Randen, Samantha Thole, Erin La Amazia, Matthijs van Wageningen and Genevieve Giuffre. Photo: Joep Deumes

You never leave your house without…?

I would have loved to say: my keys but that’d be a lie - I am quite forgetful. So I'd say: used new look to support my inner powerful warrior, let's call it my magical shield.

Crystal Mette & the Fictions (written and produced by Mette Sterre), performed at the platform theater in London.

Any words of advice to future students?

Remember that the people you study with are your colleagues and not your competitors - sharing knowledge and opportunities can only make you stronger. Don’t believe the hypes. Make sure that you can always look at yourself in the mirror with pride because you believe in what you are doing, even though people call it ridiculous or a waste of time, you are your own judge for that. And most importantly, just keep making work. That is what makes you an artist!

Double Helix (A Quatre Mains), in collaboration with Samantha Thole. Photo:

Name your favourite recent project.

My latest Research and Development Project "Black Hole Empire”, supported by CBK Rotterdam, Stichting Stokroos, London Fashion Space Gallery, Arcade East and London College of Fashion Digital Learning Lab. I collaborated with scientists, dancers and an amazing composer Matthijs van Wageningen to create new costumes and performance about Black Holes in Space.

Black Hole Empire Performance during “An Evening of Performances by David Roberts Art Foundation” at Club Koko, Photo: Max Colson,

I performed during London Design Festival and  “An Evening of  Performances by David Roberts Art Foundation” at Club Koko in London. It was EPIC. I am now experimenting with virtual reality and used new digital techniques for costume designs; it is all quite exciting!

Black Hole Empire. Performance during Megahammer #3 by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd during the tenth anniversary of David Roberts Arts Foundation an evening of performances at the legendary clubKOKO 2017. Concept, design and production by Mette Sterre

Visit Mette's website for more mind-blowing stories and projects and read Estefanía Perez's interview to get to know Mette better.

Don't miss the chance to see Mette perform if you are in Rotterdam this November!

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