Black Hole Empire

Nov 16 2018

A new show, new cast, new scenes, new costumes

Boomgaardstraat 69
3012 XA Rotterdam

Black Hole Empire explores current research and theories around black holes. Black Hole Empire reflects on this natural phenomenon by mimicking the behaviour of black holes through costume design, movement and sound and what happens when you fall into them. Expect heavy sounds, costumes, movement, universe inversion and chaos, destruction and strings to be pulled. Mette Sterre (WdKA Fine Art 2006) is developing this work through trial and error in a collaborative process, using previous research and development material to create a new show during a two week residency period at UBIK from 5 till 16th of November

Directed by Mette Sterre, the choreography in collaboration with Olivia Norris, dramaturgy in collaboration with Zoe Tsaff and sound by Matthijs van Wageningen. Alumni from the Willem de Kooning Academy Diana Roig (WdKA Fine Art 2007) and Mette Sterre will be the leading performers, WdKA student Kolijn Jagersma is a part of the international cast.

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