WdKA + International Bachelor Arts & Culture Studies

Double Degree

WdKA / Major and Practices

  • The following majors are possible: Fine Art, Photography, Advertising, Animation, Audiovisual Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Lifestyle, Product Design, Spatial Design. In the first two years, you will focus mostly on your major. More information about Majors and Practices. EUC courses relevant to your studies at WdKA will be included in your study plan for 60EC.
  • Internship. In your third year, you will combine an internship of 15EC in the second semester with courses at EUC.
  • Electives. In your fourth year, you will be able to choose electives relevant to your major.
  • Minor. In your fifth year, you will be able to choose a minor of 30EC. The minor courses are offered as a means to make an in-depth study of a specific aspect of your field of study, or to broaden your professional or artistic scope by gaining skills in related fields of study.
  • Graduation project. You will complete your studies at WdKA in the last semester with your graduation project (15EC).

International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies (IBACS)

  • Compulsory courses. The first three years of the programme consist of compulsory courses. You gain a thorough grounding to study the world of art, culture and media. What are the central theoretical concepts with which culture scientists work? What historical, sociological and economic aspects are important for art and culture? And how are they related? You will be given an introduction to the transmission of art and culture, art and culture policy and the organization of art and cultural institutions. For more information about the programme check this link.
  • Internship. In the third year, you will do a (full time) internship of 15EC, this internship counts towards both WdKA’s and Arts & Culture Studies’ curriculum.
  • Bachelor Thesis. You will conclude your Arts & Culture Studies programme with a thesis (15EC) in the final semester of your programme.