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Our Stations

Willem de Kooning Academy
Thu 26 Mar

A Meeting Place Across Majors, Electives & Years

Stations are the meeting places across majors, electives & years. Creating prototypes, experimenting, remixing and improving ideas. All students and tutors of the Willem de Kooning Academy are welcome to work at the Stations, regardless of their major, minor, elective, year or field of interest. The Stations are places for everyone to explore the viability of ideas and figure out how to turn them into fully-functioning creations. The places to experiment with, study and explore tools, techniques, materials and equipment; to get support and inspire others by collaborating with fellow students, tutors and instructors. Many of the assignments and independent projects are being brought to life in the Interaction StationImage & Sound StationPublication StationMaterial StationFabric StationDrawing StationResearch StationEducation StationBlueCityLab and Business Station.

A Station as the Knowledge Domain

Research is done at stations into new developments and innovations in the worlds of technology, art and design. The application of new technologies is under constant scrutiny, and students learn to be aware of current technologies and how to make well-founded decisions on how to apply these technologies. This seamlessly complements the premise that, during the studies at the academy, students learn by doing and then reflecting on what they have done. The Stations are an environment in which making and doing – and of course, thinking – are encouraged and supported. Stations are the state-of-the-art facilities with the expertise to carry out any work: software, hardware, technology, equipment and machinery. You name it!

What Can Students Do at a Station?

The students take lessons and instructions while working on their regular quarterly projects. Outside these projects, it is possible to work independently in the Stations as well as choose from a diverse range of instruction sessions and courses. This allows students to become familiar and handy with diverse technologies and equipment and to be able to use them in ways that are uniquely your own. They learn techniques that are of interest to them and develop the skills that they are interested in or that complement the projects of choice.

Station Day: Research & the Process of Making

On Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 WdKA had organised its first Station Day, the Stations' fair for the students, alumni, tutors and partners. During this day, we had strived to give an insight into how knowledge, experiment and research are intrinsically connected to the process of making. This Station Day welcomed all students, makers, alumni, companies and external professional partners to actively exchange, discuss and engage in the Process of Making.

The full programme as a PDF

To experience our Stations and state-of-the-art facilities yourself, please visit the Willem de Kooning Academy during Open Days or join our Station Tours. You are most welcome to visit the academy and take a one-hour tour on Tuesdays at 16:00 hrs to explore our Stations. Contact us by email for registration:

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