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WdKA Life: Meet Tim

Tim van der Plas
Sat 30 Mar

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Tim van der Plas: I am in the first year of my Fashion Design major. Mainly, I am dedicated to becoming an all-around artist, I'd like to focus on bringing people and disciplines together and help to advance our culture further towards collective understanding and harmony. Of course, my main expertise will be fashion, but I am open to collaboration with other art and design branches, I believe art in any form can bring people closer together.

You have just started studying at WdKA. What is your favourite project so far?

My favourite project was a homage to a designer of choice. I have chosen Alexander McQueen. To me, he is one of the greatest designers ever and someone who translated emotion and different aspects of art into fashion in an incredible way. I have researched his way of work and why he had been so loved as a person and designer. And I used this knowledge to create my own portrait of him. I wanted to create something theatrical, eye-catching and emotional.

Why did you choose art academy life?

I think our society is too focused on stability instead of creativity and on immediate profit above choosing what you love. I do not want to be a part of this way of thinking, I'd like to become living proof that there are more definitions of success than one.

What was the admission process like? Tips and tricks for the aspirants to be prepared best for the assessments.

I felt quite insecure and nervous about the selection and was scared of being judged but, all the same, I had interpreted the assignments the way I thought was right. I think confidence in your own voice and independence show - don't think much about doing it ‘wrong’ or being judged at all.

Describe the WdKA vibe in five words.

Accessible - because every door is open to experimenting; helpful - the school is here to support you in whatever you would like to do, instead of obliging or putting limitations; spacious - in all forms, there is always enough room to work in and enough room for interpretation; resourceful - because there are so many facilities and knowledge and free - there is a lot of space for individual development. There are a lot of different styles in this school and there is more than one right way to develop yourself.

What is (are) your favourite Station(s)?

Of course, I like working in the Fabric Station because that is where most of my projects start and come to life, but I also really like working in the Image & Sound Station, because there are so many different ways of capturing and recreating your work. You can really get lost in the endless possibilities and resources here, which I really enjoy.

Describe your future profession as you see it today.

My future profession will involve a lot of people with whom I can work together, which also happens to be my main source of inspiration (be it someone's character, my connection to someone or my behaviour around them). It will be great, bringing people together and creating something beyond just fashion or art. I can also be inspired from within, from my own vision on life, how I feel and function. I know for sure I am not the only one thinking in a certain way, so I can trust it that my creations will resonate with others.


Your advice for the art academy aspirants?

My advice for anyone thinking of applying would be, do what you never thought you’d do, be confident about what you have done and whom you would like to become.

Your favourite places in Rotterdam?

My favourite places in Rotterdam are Witte de Withstraat, Museum Booijmans van Beuningen and MONO.

This article is a part of the WdKA Recruitment Campaign 2018-2019. WdKA recruitment campaign 2018-2019 has come to life thanks to the collaboration of alumni: Hunted Design Studio (Job Taks, Graphic Design 2014), Britt Roubos (Lifestyle Transformation Design 2014), Tjeerd Melchers (Audiovisual Design 2016), Michèle van Vliet (Photography 2013), Stefan Mandersloot (Audiovisual Design 2016), Minou Meijers (Photography 2017) ánd WdKA students: Jim van de Sande, Pablo Marin, Maxime van Strijland, Faria van Creij, Alexander van der Heide, Pietro Wang, Denzel Veerkamp, Renée de LaatMaria MombersTim van der PlasRoy Jakobs. Keep an eye on this website and social media (InstagramFacebook) for more images and stories.